What the Armed Forces Offers

The attributes that Armed Forces career offers are:-

(a) Professional Advancement

(b) Job Satisfaction

(c) Job Security

(d) Economic Stability

(e) Social Status

(f)  Quality of Life

(g) Variety and Adventure

Professional Advancement

The promotional avenues available to an Army officer are:-

(a) By Time Scale
       Captain (2 Yrs of Service)
       Major (6 Yrs of Service)
       Lieutenant Colonel (13 Yrs of Service)

(b) By Selection
       Major General
       Lieutenant General

Economic Stability

Army has excellent pay structure now, at par with any service in the country and also better than most of them. You get:-

During Training

Cadets at the IMA, OTA, Cadet Training Wing at CME, MCME, and MCTE get a fixed stipend of RS 21000/- PM.

On Commissioning

  • Starting Pay Rs 15600/- to 39100/-pm.
  • Grade Pay Rs 5400/- .
  • Military Service Pay Rs 6000/-.
  • Kit Maintenance Allowance Rs 400/-pm.
  • Transport Allowance Rs 1600/- PM to Rs 3200 pm/-.
  • Field Area Allowance Rs 25% of Basic Pay Rs 6780/- pm.
  • Counter Insurgency Rs 6300/- pm.
  • High Altitude/Uncongenial Climate Rs 5600/- pm.
  • Siachen Allowance Rs 14000/- pm.
  • Flying Pay Rs 9000/- pm.
  • Parachute Pay Rs 1200/- pm.
  • Special Forces Rs 9000/- pm.
  • Gallantry Awards.
  • Technical Pay.
  • Life Long Pension.
  • Qualification Pay/ Grant for Service Courses Rs 6000/- to Rs 20000/- pm.
  • Outfit Allowance Renewed Every Three Years Rs 14000/- initial & Rs 3000/-
  • Entitled Rations.
  • Annual Leave Two Months & Casual Leave 20 Days.
  • 50% Concession on Air Travel.
  • Free Train Travel Once A Year And Subsidy For Other Journeys, LTC.
  • Free Medical- Self And Family In Well Equipped Military Hospitals.
  • Subsidised Housing In Clean Cantonments All Over The Country.
  • Canteen facilities for subsidised purchase of items including cars.
  • Insurance cover for Rs 15 lakhs at subsidised premium.
  • Group housing schemes in cities including metros.
  • Low interest loans.
  • Separated family accommodation in choice stations.
  • Encashment of leave up to 300 days at last pay drawn.
  • Study leave up to 2 years with full pay and all benefits.
  • Foreign Postings.

The above are entitled as per service conditions and qualifications acquired.

Your take-home pay on commissioning is approximately Rs.70,000/- per month (in cash) at the current rates.

On Retirement

  • Pension at 50% of last pay drawn.
  • Death cum retirement gratuity.
  • Free medical treatment including dependants.
  • Canteen facilities as before.
  • Insurance cover.
  • Resettlement opportunities.
  • MBA programme for retired officers.

Some of the intangibles benefits of ‘life in the Army’ are:-

  • Service of the motherland.
  • A profession to be proud of.
  • Opportunity to travel and know the country.
  • Opportunity to serve and represent the nation abroad.
  • A pure and noble profession.
  • Honour and social status.
  • No stagnation, a new challenge every day.
  • Opportunity for growth.
  • Sports and adventure activity.
  • Messes, clubs and institutions facilities.
  • Education facilities – Both school and professional colleges for children.
  • AWWA hostel for girls in metros.
  • Army ensures your physical and mental health.

Quality of life ensured not only for officers, but also for the families.

Training programme (officers).

The resettlement training courses provide nationally/internationally accepted certification to facilitate officers to get quick employment within/outside the country. In addition six months courses being conducted at reputed B Schools (IIMs – Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Indore, XLRI Jamshedpur, MDI Gurgaon, NMIMS Mumbai. Other courses are being conducted in multifarious fields like Information Technology, Security Services, Entrepreneurship Development, Business Administration, Personnel Management, Hotel Management, Tourism, Human Resources Development, Law, Insurance and many other short term courses on miscellaneous subjects.

If the above were to be worked out in tangible terms it would add up to an amount that no private firm would be either capable of or willing to pay.

Variety and Adventures

Variety and adventure are the spice and romance of life. No profession has the kind of recreational and adventure facilities to offer as the Army does; from membership of the best clubs in country to horse riding, swimming, golfing, mountaineering, trekking and sailing. Posting to exotic stations gives one an opportunity to see India and its different cultures, in all its vivid glory. You may also get a chance to go abroad on course or on posting. So, if one is looking for a profession, which goes beyond being a mere job join the Indian Army.

Professional Enhancement

The Army affords a very open, impartial and transparent avenue for professional enhancement. For a professionally dedicated officer with sincerity and dedication, the sky is the limit. Salient aspects of professional enhancement are as follows:-

  • Opportunity for higher study both in India and abroad.
  • Foreign assignments in the UNO and Indian embassies/missions.
  • Promotions solely based on capability.
  • Deputation in various scientific institutions in the country including DRDO,
  • DGQA, LRDE, BEL, ITI and host of others.

Social Status in Service

All of us have our own opinion about what constitutes “social status”. However it is an undisputed fact that the status of a ‘warrior’ has stood the test of time. History and society have both held the soldier in esteem and offered him a unique status in society. By joining the Army, one becomes a member of an exclusive and elite brotherhood, which is the envy of one and all.

Post Retirement

Even after laying down the uniform, Army officers continue to have the status of the most respected citizens of our country. This added to their ingrained code of conduct and ethical values enable them to occupy a special social niche in society. Since he is much fitter due to the active lifestyle he has led, a second career or lateral absorption in parallel employment is always eminently feasible. His do or die attitude and mental agility ensures that he never really grows into old age, but continues to contribute and thus remain a valued member of society.

System of Selection

There are a number of ways in which one could get a commission in the Army. You can join right after school or after graduation. The selection procedures are impartial, objective and are uniformly applied to one and all and have only one aim – to “select the best”.

Types of Commission

The Army offers both permanent and short service commissions. Permanent commission (PC) is granted through the Indian Military Academy (IMA) Dehradun and Short Service Commission (SSC) is granted through Officers Training Academy (OTA) Chennai. When you opt for ‘PC’, you are basically looking at a permanent career in the Army, a career till you retire.


  • NDA
  • Direct Entry
  • Engineering Graduates
  • University Entry Scheme
  • 10+2 TES Entry

Short Service

  • Non-tech
  • Tech (both men & women)
  • NCC Special Entry (both for men & women)

Details of eligibility criteria duration and venue of training and other information is freely available through news papers or may be obtained from www.joinindianarmy.nic.in. The following telephone numbers may also be contacted. (011) 26173215, 26175473, 26172861.

Advantages of SSC

With the SSC, one has the best of both worlds. Even as it gives one the privileges and benefits of a full-fledged commission, one will be imbibing qualities that will make him an invaluable asset to any organization that he/she may join after the Army, analytical thinking skills, planning ability, administrative prowess and organizational talent. At the end of the day, it will train you to become a good leader and a successful manager.

SSC is a wonderful option for all those of you who aspire to serve it for a few years. It gives you the option of joining the Army, and serving it as a commissioned officer for five years. Once your tenure is over, you are allowed to opt for PC. Alternatively, you can also ask for a five years extension and can choose to resign from your post any time during this period.

Opportunities: After Standard XII

At the Standard XI and XII level, those of you who have opted for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and achieve an aggregate of 70 percent and above, can immediately apply further 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme. The Army will then, over the course of next five years arm you with as engineering degree and also commission you as an officer on completion of four years of training, all free of cost.

However on successful completion of Standard XII, everyone is eligible to apply for entry to the National Defence Academy through an entrance examination held twice every year. For the Air Force and Navy stream the applicant must have studied Mathematics and Chemistry as subjects during the 10+2 stage.

For those who qualify the written test and others, as applicable to them, will have to undergo the Services Selection Board. This is one of the most scientifically designed selection tool available, and has stood the test of time.

Choice of Arms and Services

Just prior to being commissioned as officers, cadets are asked their choice of Arms. The major fighting arms are the Armored Corps, the Infantry, and the Artillery, with the other supporting them in battle. All arms and services are equally vital to success in battle and individual choices are generally governed by parental choice, educational qualification or plain fascination for a certain way of life. However at the end of the day the Army promises immense satisfaction to each one of its warriors.

Lifetime Opportunity for Professionals

The Army provides lifetime opportunities to professionals like Doctors, Nurse, Engineers, Lawyers, and Teachers. Commissioned into the various Corps, one can pursue his or her passion to your heart’s content. An excellent infrastructure, dedicated support staff, and healthy environment provide unlimited growth. The Army invests heavily in human and technical resources. The latest and the best tools are made available for research and employment. Periodic forays into the academic world are encouraged in order to imbibe and practice current technology in your chosen field.