To prepare the Cadets to succeed in UPSC (NDA) written Entrance Examination, SSB interview and to build their physical and mental abilities, so as to be an asset to the nation.

Devote all efforts to impart such training that the above aim is achieved. Our philosophy behind the training is: –

(a) Focused and goal oriented approach.

(b) Easily attainable targets to start with.

(c) Gradual increase in the intensity in a scientific manner.

(d) Develop officer like qualities through practical tasks.

(e) Build a very strong physical and mental core.

(f)  Instill high standards of honesty, integrity and morality.

Training will be imparted under the following heads

Our major our emphasis is on academics.

Cadets are admitted in the CBSE Pattern English Medium School in Aurangabad, where they study in XI and XII class in the Science stream with the following subjects:-

  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Physical Education.

They are required to maintain their academic performance of minimum 60 percent marks in all SPI and College examinations. Cadets who fail to maintain this standard are likely to be withdrawn from the SPI.

They are given extra coaching in 12th class academic subjects after UPSC examination with an aim of scoring 80% & above marks in Board examination. This ensures that they get a chance in Technical Entry Scheme (10 + 2) of Army & Navy in addition to NDA.

A special coaching for the subjects of UPSC (NDA) entrance examination is given to cadets by experienced professors before and after the college hours. Stress is also laid on improving their power of expression in English. 

They are given practice in self expression by arranging Lectures, Debates, Quiz Competitions, Group Discussions and Outdoor Excursions. This activity develops their self confidence and brings out the hidden talent.

The curriculum is so structured that cadets are automatically prepared to face the SSB Interview.

The minimum educational qualification for admission to NDA is XII standard. Each cadet gets a minimum of two chances to appear in the UPSC (NDA) entrance examination while he is at SPI in XII standard, i.e. in August and April

The aim is to ensure that cadets are in good physical condition to undertake the rigours of training at NDA.

(a) All cadets will have to participate in physical training for 30 minutes in the morning and in games for 45 minutes in the evening.

(b) The SPI provides facilities for Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Hockey, Athletics, Cross Country, Boxing and Obstacles Course.

(c) Inter-section competitions for all above games are organised.

Motivation and Orientation to Armed Forces. Motivation training is of utmost importance. Cadets will be given exposure to life in the armed forces through a series of lectures, training films, and visits to various Defence establishments. 

Discipline. Cadets are expected to follow all orders and instructions meticulously. Punctuality will be ensured for all parades and functions. Drill is an important part of training at SPI.

Development of Leadership Qualities. Cadets are introduced to various aspects of leadership and given adequate opportunities to develop these qualities by participation in the routine running of the institute by way of various cadets’ appointments, additional responsibilities etc .

Communication & Allied Skills. It is mandatory for all cadets to communicate in English at all times. Emphasis is laid on extempore speaking and group discussions. Debates and Declamation competitions will also be organized.

Complete infrastructure for SSB training has been developed which includes Individual Obstacles, Group Obstacles, Command Tasks and Group Tasks.  Preparation for the SSB will include the following:-

(a) Group tasks.

(b) Group discussions and lecturettes.

(c) Personality development.

(d) Interview techniques.

(e) Individual and Group obstacles.

(f)  Psychological tests.

(g) Intelligence tests.