Training at SPI :

Preparing for Board Exams :

Cadets are admitted in the Government College of Arts and Science, Aurangabad, where they study in XI and XII Std. in the Science stream. They are required to maintain their academic performance of minimum 60 percent marks in all SPI and College examinations.

UPSC (NDA) Entrance Examination and SSB Interview

A special coaching for the subjects of UPSC (NDA)entrance examination is given to cadets by experienced professors before and after the college hours, stress is also laid on improving their power of expression in English.
They are given practice in self expression through arranging Lectures, Debates, Quiz Competitions, Group Discussions and Outdoor Excursions. The curriculum is so structured that cadets are automatically prepared to face the SSB Interview. The minimum educational qualification for admission to NDA is XII standrd. Each cadet gets a minimum of two chances to appear in the UPSC (NDA) entrance examination while he is at SPI in XII standard, i.e. in August and April.

Physical Training & Games

All cadets will have to participate in a physical training for 45 minutes in the morning and in games for 60 minutes in the evening . The SPI provides facilities for Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Hockey, Athletics, Cross Country, Boxing and Obstacles Course.

Daily Routine

1 0530 hrs.   Reveille
2 0545 hrs.   Morning Tea
3 0600 hrs - 0645 hrs PT/ Drill
4 0645 hrs. 0715 hrs Milk and Bun
5 0715 hrs 0755 hrs Assembly
6 0800 hrs 0930 hr SPI Class (I Period)
7 0935 hrs 1000 hrs Early Lunch
8 1030 hr 1615 hrs College Classes
9 1630 hrs -1700 hrs Tea and Snacks
10 1700 hrs 1800 hrs Games
11 1850 hrs 1900 hrs. Roll Call
12 1900 hrs -2000 hrs SPI Class (II Period)
13 2000 hrs 2100 hrs SPI Class (III Period)
14 2105 hrs 2130 hrs Dinner
15 2130 hrs. 2300 hrs. Self Study
16 2300 hrs   Lights Off

To monitor the smooth functioning of above routine & to give the experience of management to the cadets, they are given different appointments on rotation basis, for eg. cadet captain, cadet quarter master, course commander etc.