Rules & Regulations


Military form of discipline is expected to be maintained at SPI all times and in all activities. Stress is laid on every cadet for maintaining a high standard of personal turn out and conduct in and outside the campus.

Security Deposit

An amount of Rs. 3000/- (Rs. 1500/- in case of SC/ST candidates) is required to be paid at the time of joining SPI. It is refunded without interest if the cadet joins any of the defence academies / services. Details of these are given in the Agreement Bond.

Penalty Clause

In case a cadet leaves SPI after joining, then the complete amount of six months boarding charges, security deposit and miscellaneous recoveries WILL NOT be refunded.


The Director, SPI has the authority to rusticate any cadet and withdraw his name from the roll on any of the following grounds :

      • Remains ill for a long period and is considered physically unfit to carry on with the daily routine of the Institute.
      • Consistently fails to secure a minimum of 60% marks in SPI or college tests / examinations.
      • Fails to maintain SPI discipline.
      • Consistently unable to adjust himself with the pattern of SPI and unable to get benefit from the training imparted.
      • If his presence and influence in the SPI hostel is considered harmful to other cadets.
      • If Boarding Charges, Fees and other dues are not paid in time by the parents.