Message From The Director

“Two Stars on the Shoulders are
better and brighter than thousands in the sky”

How true it is on today’s context, particularly, when everybody around us we see materialism, cut-throat-ism, corruption and violence, selfishness and dying of old values, honor and self respect. In these surroundings, youth has lost direction and has become slave to this environment. The parents appear worried and confused in the prevailing circumstances since they want their boy to be an honorable citizen and good human being.

It is too much to ask for?  

But where does one go to achieve it?

The one word answer, perhaps, is the Defense Services.

But how to get into it?

Again the one word answer is SPI, sprawled over 12 acre of lush green and serene atmosphere in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

As the longest of the journeys starts with but one step, the SPI began its march in 1977 with just one room accommodation, a handful of cadets and hardly any staff but a huge resolve to succeed.

The earlier Directors and Governing Body Members laid the foundation with an unmatched dedication, on which SPI now stands. Many of young gentlemen who went to the NDA and other Defense Academies from here (more than 450), have proved their mettle in our three Armed Services viz Army, Navy and Air-Force. In the Services, they have shown exemplary qualities of leadership. Those who could not enter the Armed Forces have sparkled in several professions they choose to enter, from Low to Banking, Engineering to entrepreneurship, Medicine to Administrative Cadres (IAS). They all have proved themselves as model citizens of the country and “trend setters” in their individual fields. The qualities required for this success, they owe to what they learnt at SPI, early in their lives.

The Information regarding the present infrastructure, facilities, Training programme etc is given in elaborate details on our website as well as in the prospectus.

To the Parents I appeal that, let’s work together as a team to make our boys worthy of rich legacy not only of the SPI but of the country.

And to aspiring cadets, I say “Come, let us write our own Destiny”.


Director, SPI