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Col Pol SPI , Management

Message from Director

“Two Stars on the Shoulders are better than thousands in the sky” How true it is on today’s context, particularly, when everybody around us we see materialism, cut-throatism, corruption and violence, selfishness and dying of old values, honor and self respect. In these surroundings, youth has lost direction and has become slave to this environment. The parents appear worried and confused in the prevailing circumstances since they want their boy to be an honorable citizen and good human being. It is too much to ask for ? But where does one go to achieve it ? The one word answer, perhaps the Defense Services.But how to joint it ? Again the one word answer is SPI, sprawled over 12 acre of lush green and serene atmosphere in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.As the longest of the journeys starts with but one step, the SPI began its march in 1977 with just one room accommodation, a handful of cadets and staff but a huge resolve to succeed.The earlier Directors and Governing Body Members laid the foundation with an unmatched dedication, on which SPI now stands. Read more

basketball 2

Basketball Ground

Fully equipped 90 x 50 feet Basket ball court. The most accepted game in Indian Defence. SPI, Provides full training under the command of Defence physical Trainer.The Game improve to gain height and physical strength

playing football


Football refers to a number of sports that involved at SPI.Football can have a major impact on mental health. It is thought to affect emotions, relationships, identity and self-esteem.

spi candidates playing hocky at night


Great game which increases power of concentration, keeps alert and make eyes sharp. SPI, Aurangabad provides proper training for Hockey



Dronacharya – Boxing ring with all modern facility. Kit bag training facility under expert and professional coaches. Wooden floor hall fitted with imported leather punching bags, wall pads, dummies, water bags, speed balls, heavy bags, spring balls, medicine balls, reflex bags, wall target, adjustable target stand.

imgae 8 gym


Provided with state of the art facilities to develop a physical strength as “Healthy bodies carries the healthy minds”

library in spi new pic


Library is having collection of 1600 books on various subjects. The collection contains Encyclopedias, Text books on Military Services, History Military Sciences, Biographies of prominent personalities and also books on miscellaneous subjects.

computer classes

Computer Lab

At SPI, we understand need of technology in today’s world. To keep this in mind we have a dedicated computer training lab within the institute. Worldwide information is provided at the click of the mouse through internet services.


dr. chandekar prospectus 004

Medical Care

A Doctor attends sick report twice a week. In case of serious cases, cadets are referred to the nearest hospital for the treatment. Treatment expenses at the hospital is to be borne by the parents.

SPI Messs cropped paint

Food and Messing

________________________________________________________________________________A balanced diet of minimum 3200 calories per day is provided to the cadets. Total five offerings in a day.